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Rawtenstall War Memorial Obituaries

Private Percy HORSFIELD  -  Private George HOWARTH  -  Colour Sergeant Major Richard Lord HOWARTH
Private James HOWORTH  -  Private G. H. HUNT  -  2nd Lieutenant James HUNT

Private Percy HORSFIELD - killed in action 4th October 1917

Mrs Horsfield, of 8 Pleasant View, Booth, has received notification that her son Private Percy Horsfield has been killed in action. He joined a Manchester Regiment in March 1916, and in August of the same year he was sent to France where after being in the trenches for about three months he was taken ill and was to England where he became an inmate of a military hospital at Bournemouth. In May of this year he was again sent to active service and has now unfortunately fallen.
The deceased soldier was a most promising young man and an ardent worker at the Newchurch Unitarian Sunday School. He was a useful member of the Dramatic Society; a member of the chapel choir, and a leading member of the Pierrot Troupe.
In a letter received from the officer says three men were sent out on a listening post to a small trench on the third of October. On the following morning it was reported that the trench had been shelled and the men had been buried. In conclusion he expresses his sympathy. In civil life Private Horsfield was employed as a clicker at Greenbridge slipper works, Cowpe. He was a former Newchurch grammar school boy and was 23 years of age. He attested under Lord Derby’s scheme.

Source: R.F.P. 20th October 1917 p5 c4 - 10th November 1917 p5 c5
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details
Private George HOWARTH - killed in action 15th January 1917

News was received by Mrs Norah Howarth on Thursday that her husband, Private George Howarth, of the 6th East Lancashire Regiment, had been killed in action. Previous to enlistment he had lived at 14 Windle Street, Cloughfold, and was employed in the warehouse at Newchurch Spinning and Weaving Company, and was connected with St john’s Church, Cloughfold.
The deceased soldier enlisted on the 11th of April 1915, and after 5 months training was drafted to Mesopotamia, where he met his end.
A few days previous his family had received a field card saying that he was quite well.
Private Howarth was well-known and highly respected in the district, and much sympathy is felt for his wife and relatives. He was married in 1913.

Source: R.F.P. 27th January 1917 p5 c3 - 3rd February 1917 p8 c3
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details
Private James HOWARTH - killed in action 15th July 1916
James Howorth

On Wednesday Mrs. Howarth, of 17, Mill Row. Rawtenstall, received official news that her Husband, Private James Howarth, of the Loyal North Lancashire Regt , had been killed in action on July 15th. Private Howarth en­listed on September 15th last year, and went out to France the following month. He was home on leave about ten months ago.

Source: R.F.P. 5th August 1916 p8 c3
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details
Colour Sergeant Major Richard Lord HOWARTH - killed in action 26th October 1917

Official news was received on Saturday by Mrs Howarth, of 63 Nelson Street, Reedsholme, Rawtenstall, that her husband Coy. Sergt. Major Richard Lord Howarth had been killed in action on the 26th October. Mrs Haworth has also received a letter from the captain of the company, in the course of which he says the Sergt. Major Howarth went over the top with the battalion, and after doing really magnificent work in steadying the men and leading some of them forward, he was slightly wounded in the arm, he (the captain) believed, and went back to the dressing station. Whilst waiting to be dressed he was killed instantly by an exploding shell. In conclusion, the captain says he was a fine man, and one who had done really more than his bit, and one whom the company and himself could ill afford to spare.
At the commencement of hostilities Coy. Sergt. Major Howarth was in the Army, stationed at Deal. Subsequently he was drafted to Belgium, where he took an active part in the defence of Antwerp.
Soon after the fall of Antwerp he was sent to the Darndanelles, taking part in the landing thereof. After the evacuation he was removed to Salonika, and later went back to the Western Front in France. Coy. Sergt Major Howarth was well-known and highly esteemed in the Cloughfold district, where he resided when he joined the Army. His brother Mr Robert Howarth, whom it may be remembered, was a well-known church warden at St John’s Church, Cloughfold, previous to him joining the forces.

Source: R.F.P. 29th December 1917 p8 c4
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details
Private G. H. HUNT - died 28th Mar 1919

No information available

2nd Lieutenant James HUNT - killed in action 16th November 1916

Lieut. J. Hunt, who was formerly in business as a dentist in Burnley-road, Rawtenstall, has been killed in action in France.
The intimation was contained in a telegram from the War Office, which has been received by Mr. J. Hunt, of 9, Cross-st., St. Annes, the father of the deceased officer. It states that Lieut. Hunt was killed on November 16th last.
Lieut. Hunt, who was 24 years of age, enlisted in September, 1914, a month after the outbreak of war, in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. He was gazetted as 2nd Lieut. in the following May and was transferred to the. East Lancashire Regt. Shortly after receiving his commission he was operated on for the removal of a toe. He went out to France in July this year, and two days before his death sent home a field post card saying he was quite well.
Much sympathy will be felt with Mr. and Mrs. Hunt in their loss, and the death of a promising young officer.

Source: R.F.P. 2nd December 1916 p8 c3
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details