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Rawtenstall War Memorial Obituaries

Private Thomas HALEY  -  Private W. T. HALLIWELL  -  Private J. H. HALSTEAD
Private R. L. HALSTEAD  -  Private Richard HALSTEAD  -  Private HALSTEAD

Private Thomas HALEY - died 18th September 1915

I regret to learn of the loss of two mere soldiers from this district. A young fellow named Halstead son of Mrs. Bridget Halstead, of Goodshawfold, is reported killed, and also T. Healey, of Clowbridge (and formerly of Loveclough). As regards the latter (who was a married man with several young children) no official intimation has yet been received, but there is little reason to hope that he is alive, as the news was received from one of his comrades in the trenches in France. Since writing the above learn that Mrs. Halstead has another son who joined the colours and has been missing since the beginning of the war.

Source: R.F.P. 25th September 1915 p4 c7
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Private W. T. HALLIWELL - died 26th June 1917

No information available

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Private J. H. HALSTEAD - killed in action 5th September 1918

HALSTEAD - In loving memory of Pte. J. H. Halstead, who was killed in action , September 5th 1918. "Another loved one gone" From Mr. and Mrs. Ingham, also Harry Marshall, Kimnel Park, North Wales.

Source: R.F.P. 19th October 1918
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Private R. L. HALSTEAD

Private Richard HALSTEAD died 26th August 1914
Richard Halstead

Missing over a year. now reported to have been killed 26th August 1914.

Source: R.F.P. 30th October 1915 - 26th February 1916
Commonwealth War Graves Commission details
Private Tom HALSTEAD
Tom Halstead

As was reported in last Saturday's “Free Press,” Private Tom Halstead, of Goodshawfold, Crawshawbooth, has also been killed in action. The last letter his mother received from him was dated August 1st, and he was then on the point of leaving for the front. He wrote to say that he was glad to be going, as he had got tired of being in training, and wanted to be where there was something doing. He also wanted to have some revenge for his brother, Dick (who has been among the “missing” almost since the war began).
He said:- “You can bet I shall be a trier, and if I go under you must not worry about me, for there are better lads who have gene under, and bear in mind we have all to die sometime, and one could not wish for A MORE GLORIOUS DEATH than that whilst fighting for his country's sake. I will drop you a line, dear mother, when I'm on board ship, but you cannot write back until I let you know where I am. That I will do as early as possible. You must keep up your heart, dear mother, and let Annie read this letter, I have not time to write hex a letter just now. With best love to all, good night. - Your loving son. Tom.”
The deepest sympathy is extended to the family. Prior to coming to Crawshawbooih the family lived at Haslingden, and the deceased was a respected member of the Catholic Church in that town.

Source: R.F.P. 25th September - 2nd October - 30th October 1915 - 26th February 1916
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